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Awe The warrior dash, Its a beautiful thing, because like many other “sprint distance” mud runs and obstacle races its very often the first race of its kind newbies tackle.

And why not?! With just over 3 miles of ground to cover, a party like atmosphere and feeling of camaraderie among racers its the perfect event to get active outgoing people addicted to obstacle course mud run style events!

Before you think that a warrior dash training program is going to be easy just because its a shorter distance event think again…

The Warrior Dash Will Kick Your Ass…

The Warrior dash is a tough event for two very big reasons

  • Tough Obstacles: Duh!
  • The Short distance insures a blistering-near all out sprint pace!

In other words, this isn’t like taking a casual 3 mile trail run. This event is an all out assault on the strength, and anaerobic systems of the body.

That means training for the warrior dash better prepare you for the unique demands of race day!

How Your Warrior Dash Training Should look

I recently prepared a few clients (one advanced athlete and one total newbie) for a small local Sprint distance mud run obstacle race similar to a warrior dash so lets take a journey through their training programs…

Warrior Dash Training Priority 1 -obstacle dominating strength and anaerobic Capacity:

Both Amy (advanced athlete) and Hector (total newbie) Worked on building strength in the gym with full body workouts 2-3 days a week. Both Hector and Amy trained anaerobic capacity with high intensity intervals immediately following their strength work in the gym. A typical workout looked like this:

10-15 minute warm-up/ mobility work

1 max-strength barbell movement like deadlifts or bench pressing in the 2-5 rep range (for Amy-advanced athletes only, Hector skipped this in beginning)

Full body strength circuit:

  • Upper body press like a push-up
  • lower body movement like a walking lunge holding dumbbells
  • upper body pull like an inverted row on a trx band or gymnastic rings

The exercises are done in circuit fashion for 3-5 rounds- this builds the strength and anaerobic work capacity needed during a sprint course obstacle race like the warrior dash!

Conditioning circuit:

  • Kettle bell quick lifts like snatch or clean and press
  • medicine ball throwing
  • jumping/ agility drills
  • weighted carries
  • sprinting

This type of conditioning circuit prepared both Amy and Hector for the feeling of hoisting themselves over, under and through obstacles while teaching their bodies to go hard-recover quickly-and go hard again! This is exactly the kind of challenge a sprint course like the warrior dash will put on their body.

Warrior Dash Training Priority 2 – Aerobic endurance

In addition to their strength workouts I also assigned 2 run workouts to be performed on their own outside the gym for both Amy and Hector. Hector did exactly as instructed but Amy was skeptical…

She wanted to know if running was really necessary because after all, its only three miles and she’s pretty fit already and played soccer on the weekends.

After the race however, Amy thanked me for assigning the specific run training because she really pushed herself and by the end she knew without the specific run training, she would have got her butt kicked and not have finished nearly as fast as she did!

Here is what the two run workouts looked like:

Run workout # 1 sprint Run:

Fortunately for us we have a great park with a beautiful trail network near the gym I train at. For sprint workouts I simply assigned a 25-30 minute run over a particularly hilly trail for Amy who was instructed to hold a slow steady pace on the flat parts and down hill portions while rocketing up the hills as fast as possible.

For Hector I kept him on a lower trail with only small elevation changes and instructed him to run one quarter mile section of the trail as hard and fast as he could while jogging slow or even walking the rest of the 3 quarter mile  loop to allow his heart rate to recover.

Short all out sprints followed by short bouts of jogging for recovery pushes your speed and anaerobic threshold- witch prepares you for the blistering pace of the warrior dash or any other sprint distance mud runs and obstacle course races.

Run workout # 2 tempo run:

As for our “steady paced runs” I still keep the pace high-like race paced high! For the tempo run I kept both Amy and Hector on the lower more level trail loop but their workouts were a bit different.

I instructed Amy to cover 3 miles right away because I knew she was capable of covering the distance. All I instructed her to do is attempt to beat your previous weeks time each time she repeated the workout.

As for hector I had him start running just 2 miles at a pace he could maintain for the entire distance. We gradually increased his distance over the course of 2 weeks until he was covering three miles. From there Hector did the same thing as Amy and simply tried to cover the distance faster.


Do This And Rock The Warrior Dash!

Both Amy and  Hector kicked ass in our little sprint course with about 6 weeks of following this type of training program and I believe it will work great for anyone who is wanting to train for a warrior dash!

Hector finished much faster than in his previous 2 events- in spite of being a super busy business owner and family man. and Amy rocked it into the top 10% – oh and did I mention she recently celebrated her 40th birthday!?


Still have questions about Warrior Dash Training?

I know this article is brief and doesn’t get into important stuff like:

  • details of how to progress through the strength program week to week
  • details of how to progress through the run workouts week to week
  • exactly what to do during warm-up for good flexibility/ mobility and injury prevention
  • How to eat for a high performance, lean, strong physique

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